Saturday, July 30, 2011


Perhaps it's the jet-lag from my summer travels kicking in today or the fact that I have been battling the worst non-stop headache for almost two months now but today I felt so underwhelmed. To be honest with myself, I felt sheer disappointment. Disappointment in myself and, quite possibly, in others. More on this... perhaps later. Today is about an hour from becoming Sunday and just like that I can't help but feel like I have let another day take a little piece of me away.

Perhaps it's the realization that I am getting older. And, quite frankly, the utter realization that my life is headed in a direction completely different from what I imagined it to be. Imagined. Since I'm being honest, then, I don't think I ever imagined any other possible options than what I had planned my life to be. But some dreams are shattered and others are broken on purpose. 

I am missing a little something... perhaps it's a bit more spunk. I am feeling a little bummed out today and I'm not sure why. 

Have you ever felt the same? 

But, since it will soon be another day I will shrug it off and smile. I will smile because I am alive, healthy and very much blessed. If you're having a tough day, it's okay. In the words of Scarlett O'Hara...

"After all tomorrow is another day."

Make it an amazing weekend my friends!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cristina and Rollie are having a baby!!! Weslaco, Texas

Cristina and Rollie have been married for a few years now and are ready to start a family. When I first met them it immediately felt as if I had already known them. Over the phone, during our initial conversations, it just felt right. Speaking with Cristina and discussing the needs of her session was so effortless. I really did feel like they were one of my past couples coming back for me to photograph the next chapter in their lives together. 

Rollie warned me that he was not very comfortable in front of the camera many times before and during the session. And while Cristina was a complete natural, Rollie was no where as shy as he made himself out to be. The two of them together are so in love and very much excited for the birth of their baby daughter. Spending a lovely Sunday morning with them as we took a stroll was wonderful. We learned more about each other and I was able to see them interact, not only as a married couple, but as future parents. 

Cristina and Rollie, thank you for selecting me as your photographer! I am so delighted to have met you and wish you nothing but a healthy delivery and healthy baby! I can't wait to meet her!!! Be blessed :)

 Rollie and Cristina, may your baby girl be every bit as blessed as your love!

I am looking forward to the weekend, are you?! Be blessed my friends!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Brycee + David... Engaged! McAllen, Texas

I have noticed a trend in many of the clients who have booked me over the past year... the men my brides are head over heels in love with are ah-mahzing! How so? Well, many of the grooms themselves have been the first ones to contact me. I'll get emails and phone calls from the male perspective... it's the groom calling me to inquire about my photography and set up meetings. 

Girls, you are so lucky!!! It really brings a smile to my face when I see them during our initial meeting until way after the wedding day. The grooms are such gentlemen and are always, always looking out for their beautiful brides. 

David was no exception. Back in late April or early May David contacted me about setting up a meeting to discuss their wedding photography needs. And then I finally met Brycee... Together the two of them are the epitome of a loving couple. The way their eyes meet and their hands touch so inconspicuously is very telling of their love. 

Brycee and David balance one another in so many ways. David is quiet but Brycee knows exactly how to make him laugh. Brycee is fun and loves to smile... a quality I am sure David absolutely loves. As an engaged couple, they meticulously planned a celebration of their love. A celebration with which to share with their loving family and friends. A celebration I was delighted to be a part of as their wedding photographer. 

As these two love birds begin their marriage life, I'll share with you some of my favorite shots from their engagement session....

Brycee and David, WAHOOOO!!! You're now married :) I am so excited to share their wedding day images with you soon. 

I am having an amazing week and I will make it continue! I hope you are, too :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Life + Portrait(s).

I have been attempted to re-find the balance in my life, a task that seems so exuberantly daunting at the present moment. Okay, I should just come clean and confess... it has been daunting for the past three months! Every time I think I have a spare moment to catch up with my mind, my brain teases me and steps on the gas. 

I am afraid of burning out. I am afraid that one day I won't be giddy and happy on a wedding day. I am afraid that I will feel uninspired when I photograph on a beautifully, amazing day. I don't ever want to feel like I have to get through a session or the day. But overworking yourself can very well lead straight to that. Thus, I must remember to, on occasion, open my eyes wider and look around. I need to stay focused but still have fun. 

I am a photographer after all. I photograph things, be it people, events - real life. I have not picked up a camera in the past three months just for fun. Everything has been about business. Otherwise, that Nikon stays locked up. It's heavy... I don't want to unpack it only to pack it back up... I don't feel like it...

Gahhh!!! Can you believe what I have allowed myself to become?! I can't. Oh internet, feel free to slap me slowly back into place. Okay, so maybe you don't have to - I hope not. I promise to myself to get back on track; to get back to living and breathing business but because it is fun. Not because I must meet a deadline or must capture the perfect shot. Rather, because it's my job and I love it :)

There are some fun things I have planned... I can't wait to share with you! In the meantime, I'll leave you with some photos of life. As it happens... on a random day, I photographed. 

{Lupita and myself. 07.25.2011}

On a side note, but a very important one at that, I want to send a giant Happy Birthday wish to a very dear best friend... Although our paths have changed and we no longer are each other's bests, I miss you very much and hope you had an amazing day!!! You, my friend, are on the track to reap the blessings that the Lord has in store for you. Grasp them, grasp them all. In life we only get one chance to jump head first into the opportunities laid out before us. It is our innate responsibility to accept them with open arms. 

So in light of taking my own advice, I open my arms and accept all the great people and things currently in and headed my way!!! I have found a new perspective in my life and I feel so blessed. If you see me smiling from ear to ear, well what can I say other than Thank you Jesus!

Evening my friends :).

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Omar + Virginia are Married! Mission, Texas


Virginia and Omar have been married for one whole month now and I have been so behind of sharing their wedding with you on the blog. But, alas my friends, I have managed to sit my booty down and prepare some of my favorite images from their wedding day and share them with you. 

When I booked this wedding on my calendar back in 2010, November to be exact, the actual wedding date seemed so far away. June was more than half a year away but I was anxious to photograph Virginia and Omar. Originally, we had planned their engagement session for late winter or early spring but due to scheduling conflicts we were unable to meet until the last weeks of April. 

And then June came. Virginia and Omar were married on a beautiful sunny day at a beautiful church where Omar has attended for many years. Virginia and Omar were introduced by some mutual friends and began dating after Virginia received her doctorate in Pharmacy. 

At first glance, Omar is quite the timid groom. He smiles softly and supports his lovely bride, Virginia, in everything she does. But on this day, I finally got to see Omar loosen up and show more of his personality. Virginia is so effortlessly charming. She exudes confidence and classiness. Truly, she made an absolutely beautiful bride!

Omar is an engineer and Virginia is a pharmacist. Together, they create the perfect balance of caring, strength and love. I can foresee them heading into the future completely in love with one another. I really enjoyed spending the day with them, as I do with all of my couples. 

We get to bond and know a little more about each other than you'd typically expect to learn from your wedding vendor and client. But I work a little different.... not only am I your photographer but I serve as whatever you need that day. Be it capturing the intricate details you have so effortlessly planned or running to the store and getting you some eyelash glue... true story! :)

Again, I thank all of my brides and grooms for allowing me to catch a glimpse into their lives. And on this occasion, I thank Virginia and Omar for picking me as their wedding photographer. I had so much fun at their wedding!!!

Love :)

Virginia and Omar, I hope Jamaica treated you well!!! Welcome back to Texas and Congratulations again on your marriage! May the two of you be truly blessed.

It's going to be a great week! :)