Monday, March 19, 2012

Mariel. South Padre Island, Texas

I turned 26 years old this past December and spent my birthday in the most subtle form I could have ever imagined... celebrating the engagement and upcoming wedding of two random people I had never previously met. 

Let me preface.

Succumbing into my late twenties had me tip-toeing around the topic of birthday celebrations. Quite frankly, I did not want to do anything fancy. I wanted to turn a year older and nothing else. So when my sorority sister Sofia suggested traveling to Austin for a road trip I happily agreed. On my birthday, I woke up away from home and subtly began a chilly day as if it was any other day. 

I had lunch and played games all while getting to know two beautiful people who were celebrating their engagement... Sofia introduced me to her best friend Mariel and she and her fiance welcomed me with open arms into their celebration, literally. Only such a sweet couple would remind me how special birthdays at their engagement party... thank you!

I have known Mariel for a short a amount of time now, just a few months actually, but I think I was destined to meet her because she is an absolute gem. Beautiful, intelligent and quite a special lady, Mariel is truly a smile on a rainy day. 

She and Nick, her husband, have just wed this past February and I can finally share with you Mariel's bridal session images. I was not her wedding photographer, I was merely blessed to be a guest. But after having met each other, Mariel opted to hire me for a bridal session. 

Their wedding was an absolute blast and I am delighted to have been allowed to share with them. Mariel, you are gorgeous!!!

We spent a lovely afternoon in January photographing along with the help of Yva, Sofia and Marie's amazing wedding planner Valerie from Bridal Trends Weddings at South Padre Island. We began at the actual wedding day venue, the Namar Event Center, and transitioned into the SPI World Birding Center. Both locations were absolutely beautiful... 

Mariel, the adjective beautiful does you no justice... you are absolutely gorgeous!!!

Mariel, thank you for choosing me to photograph you in the most beautiful gown you'll wear. I am delighted to have met you back in December and, even more-so, to be able to continue to learn about you. You are such a kind, caring and lovely soul trapped inside a petite being. I congratulate you and Nick on your recent nuptials and wish you every happiness in a very blessed marriage! Congratulations again!!!

Xoxo :)

Monday, March 12, 2012


"Dwell in possibility."
- Emily Dickinson


Sunday, March 11, 2012


I find myself dreaming, wishing, hoping.


For the first time, in a very long time, I feel content.

As if I happiness can be mine.

Real, true and genuine happiness.

{It  must be the new haircut...}

I am ready to trust, give and receive... God is love!

Have a great Sunday friends!
Xoxo :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Portraits... Ariana

It was 7th period reading class during the first day of sixth grade when I was given a sheet of paper with a crossword puzzle on it to complete by my teacher. After introducing herself, going over what the class would cover for the year and reminding us that she was the team leader she passed out crossword puzzles to the class so that we could work on them for the remainder of the class time. I sat towards the back of the classroom and when the puzzle dropped on my desk I quickly grabbed my pencil and smirked at the thought of finishing the puzzle first.

Yes, I am an overachiever. 

I lean forward, pencil in my hand, and turn my paper backwards.

Uh huh, you read correctly... backwards.

I am great at crossword puzzles and can finish them in record time. I love figuring them out!!! One of my strategies is turning my paper backwards because I can find the hardest words that way and finish faster. It's a quirk, I know - but it works for me. 

Sitting next to me was a young lady, way taller than me, but just as quirky. She didn't say hello or what her name was. She simply said, "So you turn the paper upside down, huh? That seems to work well..."

Immediately, we became best friends. I remember thinking SHE GETS ME!!!

In a very non-chalant way, Ariana knew I was different and understood me. She didn't ask why I worked the puzzle out that way. She acknowledge that I did but didn't question it. 

That's a true friend in the making. 

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of seeing Ariana again and photographing her growing belly... Ariana will be having a baby within the next few weeks! She'll make a beautiful mother. 

I have the utmost respect for motherhood. I think it is becoming of a woman and very much hope to look as beautiful as Ariana does someday if I have children. Gorgeous!!!

Ariana, you are beautiful my friend! Congratulations to you and your beloved on the newest addition to your little family. I am delighted that you allowed me to photograph you in all of your beauty and motherhood glow. You make a beautiful pregnant woman and will make an amazing mother. It is amazing how life continues to keep us connected... stay close friend!

Be blessed friends!

Sunday, March 4, 2012


I came across this photo from one of my fall weddings... and realized that I make THE funniest squishy faces when I am behind the camera. Which got me thinking about some of the awkward things that identify me as a photographer...

{See above, said 'squishy' face. 10.08.2011}

Work it baby.
I am the proverbial cheesy photographer behind the the camera.  Every single time I am photographing someone I cannot help but blurt out the the most random cheesy comments. Time after time. "Oohh, that's perfect!" "Agh! Love it!" "Love it!!" You think it, I have probably said it. Gah, I cringe sometimes at the stuff that comes out of my mouth sometimes.

I'm a monkey.
I'm on the floor, I'm on top of furniture, and running around like crazy. I may be a little forward by stating the following, but surely I must have buns of steels because I do squats and run around like crazy during my sessions and weddings. You want a workout plan, pick up a camera (which weighs a lot!) and come join me ;)

**Please note: I am not admitting I have buns of steel. ;-)

I cannot ever stop being a photographer.
Even when I am not working, I cannot help but see the world differently... When something catches my eye, I photograph it - be it with a photographic device or with a mental snapshot. My passion allows me to create memories. I love it :) I thought about this because I realized that I have so many photos of the important people in my life. I just can't help it... So, chances are, if you are in my life, I will photograph you. Constantly. 

Anyway, keep an eye out for my squishy face... ;)

Have a lovely week!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The 'Oh' Moment.

I remember during Continental Philosophy class in the Fall of 2007 when Dr. Buckman mentioned at the beginning of the semester that we may never understand or fully grasp any concept taught in class at the end of the course. Odd. Well, no. What he meant was that we may not know said subject, and that at some point in our lives we would have the 'Oh' moment... the moment when we would finally get what he was talking about. 

This is true; it does happen.

Two years ago, almost a full year after graduation, I was driving on the expressway taking care of errands. At some point in between the speed limit sign and my exit I had my 'Oh' moment - I understood a concept from one of Dr. Buckman's philosophy courses I had once failed to fully grasp. It was as if something, literally, smacked me in the face and the intellect suddenly blossomed in my brain. 

Well, guess what? 

The angst, existential I am sure, that I have journey-ed through the past year may have finally decided to subside. I say may have because I'd be lying if I knew exactly where my life is going. My point, however, is that I have finally made a decision - an important one. 

I have had a much anticipated and desired 'Oh' moment where I have reached a level of comfort to allow me to take the arrow of my life and point it where I want to go. 

The best part, wait for it..., I feel great with the choice I deliberated over in a quick, one second prayer that took me almost four years to finally pray. The power of Love...

Love for your self.
Love for your dreams.
Love for passion.
Love for being.
Love for others.
Love for our God who allows us to dream.

The photo above is mysterious, as am I. You may wonder what my decision is, or, rather vaguely, what it is I am talking about. I will not be an attorney. Not now. And probably not ever. If it was meant to be, I would have done it when I first had the chance. So where am I headed?

At this present moment, I choose to be mysterious, and keep to myself. When I am ready, I will tell you... when it's time to go.

Friends, let go of fear.