Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Meet Chuy...one of my Chipoodles ;)

Chihuahua + Poodle = Chipoodle...  Meet Chuy.
Chuy is a 6 pound frisky chipoodle. He is three years old but still acts like a little puppy. He can sometimes be a little akward-looking but I think it is his awkwardness that makes him so cute. Chuy fought and won the battle with cancer. Yup, this little guy was sick when he was about a year old but he's fine and dandy now. He had little to no hair and stunk horribly bad, but I still loved him. Thankfully, a little surgery, medicine, and lots of love cured him and made him all better. It also took one weird haircut and then poof... literally, POOF his hair started growing again, lots of it. Remarkably, he manages to look like a cheeto puff, as my youngest brother noticed. And he does, he is so puffy now with his poodle hair trapped in a chihuahua body. I love Chuy very much and he mades a perfect addition to my pets. He acts like the youngest in the group and I'm sure deep in his heart he remains a puppy. This little guy is extremly fun to play with and will undoubtedly make you laugh as you watch him run. As the other dogs run outside and chase him, he enjoys running in large circles making a weird squeaking sound. He doesn't bark; I've only heard him bark once. Instead he squeaks, like a squeaky toy. Needless to say, after the Roberto-Harley (great dane!) incident, I've had to keep my eye out on him when he's outside. His squeaking may get him into trouble... and I don't want that ;)

Chuy makes me smile. He's fun. I love you Chuy.

Fun fact: Chuy has an amazingly long tongue... imagine him running around the yard, squeaking, with his long tongue floating around all over the place. It's hilarious ;)

Happy Tuesday... :) and Belated Merry Christmas :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

i ♥ faces Photo Challenge: PETS Only :)!

I am an avid iheart faces blog reader... but never entered the weekly photo contests... until today! I love all my chipoodles so it was tough to choose one picture, but here's one of the little guys....

Meet Roberto. He is my four year old black, tan, and white chihuahua who has a temper hotter than a feisty tamale. Really, he does. This little guy fails to acknowledge he weighs only four pounds. Yup, he suffers the Napolean complex... Not only is he the leader of the pack (remember, i have six dogs...) he picks fights with everyone, human, canine, and anything else that gets in his way. Don't get me wrong, he's a lovable pet but he tells you how it is, always ;)

Beto is tough. So tough, he survived a brutal attack by our great dane Harley. YES! Great Dane!!! I'm telling you, 4lbs means nothing to this little guy. When he came home after spending the night at the chihuahua hospital, he still wanted to fight. Didn't learn his lesson ;)

I love Roberto very much. He was my first indoor pet and a gift from my love. I've always been an animal lover, and in particular dogs. But since I've become Beto's human momma, it is suffice to say that I want to adopt every rescue animal out there. And who knows, maybe someday I will.

Fun fact: Roberto loves having his photograph taken. Case in point:

Isn't he the cutest? Of course he is ;) I love him!

For more cute and adorable PET entries, please visit  i ♥ faces      
There's lots and lots of them! Take a look ;)

Happy Monday :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Meet Lupita...my Chihuahua

This is Franceska Lupita... a chubby, dark tan 4 lb chihuahua... she sometimes answers to "Pita" and is a great companion. As a baby, Lupita was practically black but somehow grew into a "dark blonde." She, like Roberto, is four years old and was also a gift from Chris. Lupita enjoys being a self-proclaimed princess and refuses to let any other chipoodle lay in her mommy's lap when she's around. She is a girly-girl and loves to wear beautiful, girly dresses. She can run, but she rather sit near by and watch the other dogs get tired than ruin her little paws.

Lupita is also an avid fan of her chihuahua food. She loves to eat and let's you know it. In fact, she often fights with the other dogs because she wants to be the first one to eat. Yes, this is a problem her human momma is trying to resolve; I'm working on it ;)

Isn't she cute?
Lupita is a small chihuahua full of love who makes me smile everyday with her quirky attitude. She enjoys being the center of attention and being showered with lots of love. I love Lupita and I am glad to have her as one of my pets. She makes me smile and I love her for it :)

If you are interested in having your pet or pets photographed, feel free to give me a virtual ring by emailing me at izaguirre_marisol@yahoo.com
Happy Friday :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Product Information: Canvas Prints

Marisol Izaguirre Photography (AKA: me!) is excited to offer canvas prints of your portraits! Canvas prints look exquisitely elegant and make your portraits look like they belong in a gallery :) They give the finished photograph a regal appearance. They make a perfect gift for your family and friends as well. Canvas prints can be ordered on all portrait sessions. I offer canvas prints in various sizes, smallest to largest.

Here is a preview of what they look like... the Zamora family ordered my very first canvas print and it came in today... took less than a week to arrive. I think it looks beautiful and it takes the photograph to the next level.

They ordered their photo in black and white but you can have them in color or black and white. Decision, like prints, are up to you the client :)

The photo is printed on canvas and wraps around an inner wooden frame. There is no need for a frame, but if you wish to frame yours that can also be arranged. This specific canvas gallery wrap is a 20x30 and is quite large. It'll look amazing on the Zamora's wall, I'm sure of it ;)

I'd like to once again thank the Zamoras for trusting me with their family portraits. If you are interested in having a portrait session and ordering a canvas print, please contact Marisol Izaguirre Photography.

Have a great Wednesday :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Hello World :)

I often sit at my desk during my 8AM to 5PM job and wish I had a window to stare at the world. I'd enjoy my day much more given the opportunity to see the way in which the sunlight hits the different subjects on any given time. But alas, a window I do not have. Perhaps that is why everytime I have the opportunity to capture someone's memories with my camera I jump at the possibilites that explode in my mind. I am so thankful for the new opportunities, the new path, the Lord has placed before me. I hope to be the best because I am a creature of God. I dare not disappoint him in portraying a world in a way in which it is not.

Perhaps that is why I love photography... I love shooting engagement sessions because through the small viewfinder I am able to capture an endless amount of love. The way I see a man look at his fiance sometimes melts my heart. Yes, I am a hopeless romantic and I absolutely love to capture the love a couple shares in their hearts. I believe in fairy tales and I hope to portray that through my photography.

As for the update, I have booked my first wedding!!!! Yay me :) I am delighted to announce that I will photograph a special couple's wedding in Kansas in the Summer of 2010. I am so excited and honored to have their trust to capture the most important images on their wedding day. Nathan and Mary, thank you.

Alas, I have found my home on the internet. And though I may have many, one, or no readers at all, I will continue to write in this blog. I will write about my life, my new photography business, and every adventure the Lord takes me on.

I can almost feel the bumpy road ahead, but God gave me a great cushion for the ride :)

And because photos speak a gazillion words... here's my first packaged portrait session...

The Zamoras... Merry Christmas

Meet the Zamoras...
This family is special to my heart and when they asked me to shoot their photos for Christmas cards I was estatic, mostly because I knew they would be up for a rugged photoshoot... so although I did not put on my cowboy boots the Zamoras did, and looked great wearing them. Here is a preview of their photoshoot...

Cowboy boots...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Blanca's Belly...

Last week I had the opportunity to attend my co-worker's baby shower. We were able to sneak away during the festivities for a short maternity shoot... I met Blanca a few months ago as I started my first adult job in the real world. She was the first person who welcomed me and made it important to make me feel part of the team. I met Blanca as a co-worker but she has since evolved into a friend. I feel honored to have gained her trust these past few months to be able to capture the beauty of her pregnancy. Blanca I hope you enjoy the photos as well as our friendship.I look forward to photographing Baby Denaly!

Here's what the Sunday afternoon looked like...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I hereby declare my intent to become the best photographer I can be. In the way the right brush paired with the perfect shade of make up can make any woman feel beautiful, I aspire to do the same with my photographic lens.

Happy Wednesday and Happy Veterans Day :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hola :)