Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Krystal and Larry - Rancho El Charco Wedding

Every wedding this year has managed to make me shed at the bare minimum one tear of happiness and joy for my beloved couples. At my very first wedding earlier this year, I cried at the courthouse because I was so happy for Nathan and Mary. When I was on the boat this summer photographing Cynthia and Orlando I sobbed from knowing how happy the two were to start their lives together. When I witnessed and photographed the Edwards couple late in the summer at South Padre Island after being married for 50 years I cried because they were still in love. 

Last month, I cried at Krystal and Larry's wedding. But this wedding was slightly different and the tears were much more heartfelt than previous. I have known Krystal since the sixth grade. She was my first real best friend I had in school. The type you share clothes with and sleep over on Friday nights talking about boys. Krystal was the type of best friend that became your sister. 

But, as I previously mentioned in her engagement session post, throughout high school and afterwards we drifted apart and rarely saw each other. But I never forgot my petite, curly haired friend who loved life and always had a positive attitude. More-so, however, she was always caring and kind - always. 

So this time, at this wedding, I really did cry. The tears weren't from feeling happy for a loving couple or from being a hopeless romantic. I cried because I watched my friend, my once inseparable best friend, get married to her very own prince charming. I cried because I thought about the fact that if wasn't for me being a photographer I may have actually missed her wedding. That, the realization that I made it to her wedding, was the real tear jerker. 

I felt honored.

I was Krystal's wedding photographer but I became her guest. When I sat down for dinner with her family it all felt too familiar, in a good way. And as I saw my friend dance the night away and enjoy her special day I thanked God for giving me a talent that has brought me back to meeting old and new friends.

Krystal and Larry, I am delighted to have been granted the privilege to photograph your wedding. I am so very happy for you both and know that there are many blessings in your path ahead. I look forward to watching you both grow into a beautiful and healthy family.

Some of the wedding vendors:
Florals - The Wedding Center in McAllen, Texas http://theeweddingcenter.com/
Venue - Rancho El Charco in La Joya, Texas  http://ranchoelcharco.com/

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Mini Session - The Enriquez Family

"You're our photographer. "

Leiah called me her photographer. A while back I photographed an adorable baby boy and recently had the opportunity to photograph him once again. In fact, this time I photographed him along with his family. Baby Ryan has grown up so much these past few months and his parents are exceptionally glowing with the new addition to their family. Big brother Matt is ecstatic to have a little brother to play with and protect. 

Because of the Enriquez family, my business has been growing as a result of their constant referral. It was during a conversation about all these referrals where Leiah mentioned I was her photographer. Sweet, sweet words. I don't merely want to be a person my clients call when they need photos. I want to be their photographer - the woman who captures their special moments in their lives time after time. I want to see married couples evolve into beautiful, healthy families. I want to build bonds with my clients where photography can create lasting friendships. 

So when someone refers to me as their photographer, I jump for joy. And I did. 

The Enriquez Family was an absolute joy to photograph and their session yielded some beautiful photographs. Their images are so relaxed and seeing baby Ryan again was a perk :) L. T. and Leiah, you have a beautiful family. Thank you for relying on me for your first family session and I look forward to photographing you and your growing family for many years to come. 

Now for photos...

Happy Monday!

Friday, November 26, 2010


I am thankful for you. 

You who gave me life, you who has is it written how long it will last. 
I am thankful for the breath you give me every morning and every night.
You who continues to place mountains for me to climb because you have given me great strength to overcome. 
I am thankful for the knowledge and the power you instill in my mind.
You who bless me every day and remind me of the good things in my life.
I am thankful for the tears I shed from years past to now.

More-so I am thankful for the life you wrote for me and all the people who you encompassed in my book of life.

Father God, thank you. 
Thank you for my life.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mini Session - Jessica D.

This was my first year incorporating "Mini-Sessions" into my photography business. I had been wanting to give the idea a try and the holiday season works perfect :) It's nice to offer a good deal for everyone to get great family portraits and some really cool prints. I actually blogged the first mini-session a while back but I have been swamped with tons of work so I have been extremely behind on blogging my recent work. Blah! But do not fret my faithful reader, I have worked really hard the past two days to catch myself up on my work. Today, I want to share with you Jessica's mini-session...

I have photographed Jessica three times this year... she is truly a great client! Jessica graduated a few months ago but because she jumped straight into the real world, she was unable to get graduation photos of herself. She is an extremely spunky young woman and is truly preparing for a lifetime of happiness. On top of being the collegiate chapter director for Delta Zeta, she is planning a wedding! Oh, and of course she works her actual job daily. She is truly a talented woman. 

The day of Jessica's session was nice but really chilly by south Texas weather standards. And the sun, it did not come out to play that day. However, I absolutely love shooting in gloomy weather... talk about a natural softbox... when I looked through Jessica's collection, I could not help but think her session went beyond the typical "graduation photos." And I love it. 

I hope Jessica loved it too... Jessica you are an amazing woman and I have truly enjoyed photographing you throughout this year. Thank you a million times for believing in me since day one and always trusting me to capture the big moments in your life. People like you, make my job truly wonderful and very much easier. It is always a pleasure to see you through the lens and I hope that we will have tons more opportunities to photograph you.

Enough words, how about some pictures?...

I'll end with this one... because she rocked her session ;)

Happy Tuesday! :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Portraits - Lilieana... ♥ McAllen, Texas

"I don't really have any photos of myself documenting the milestones in my life. Can you help?" 

I most certainly could and I hope that I did. When Lillie asked me about photographing her to document her at the current stage in her life, I jumped for joy. I don't think you need a specific occasion for portraits but when you search deep down enough, we all have reasons to be photographed. But Lillie does have a specific reason for a portrait collection, in less than a month she will be earning her master's degree. That is an amazing accomplishment!

I met Lillie back in college during our Delta Zeta days... we are sisters but we are also friends. From the moment I met her, I learned about her passion for education and children. After graduation, Lillie became a teacher and excelled at it. She truly cares for other people and especially her students. In the past two years since graduation, I knew Lillie was destined for greater things. She had a thirst for knowledge and decided to go back to school and further her education. I applaud her. 

Soon, Lillie's hard work will pay off. Working full time as an elementary teacher and attending graduate school is no easy feat. But she has succeeded and I am very proud of her. Do you remember your favorite teacher? Do you remember why she was your favorite? It was probably because she made a difference in your life whether you noticed it at the moment or not. Lillie is one of those teachers destined to become a favorite among many of her intelligent students. She is passionate about teaching but, furthermore, she is passionate about truly making an impact on childrens' lives.


Lillie, you are an utterly amazing and intelligent woman. I congratulate you on earning your master's degree and advancing your education. Furthermore, I wish you every happiness in this world and God's favor. You are destined for great things, accomplish them :) Thank you for allowing me to capture your beauty, smile and essence!

Happy Wednesday!