Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lazy Saturday, Business Cards and a Special Birthday.

I have been looking forward all week to the end of the week and I am so relieved I made it to Saturday. I have spent most of today being lazy and catching up on some television. But clearly Saturday is almost over and the relaxation must continue on some other day. I have a busy evening today including some new-business venture meetings, birthday celebrations, and whatever else pops up.

I've had some interesting conversations these week from a variety of people about how I need to value myself both in my personal and professional life. During every one of these conversations I shrugged my shoulders and smiled. Of course I value myself, duh! I thought to myself as I graciously smiled. But after pondering on the value issue and the dialogues about pursuing to the fullest what I want out of life I realized I have spent a lot of valuable time just settling. Time is priceless and unfortunatley I have realized I have wasted a good chunk of it for free. Hmm... I know I said back on January 1st 2010 that I was not going to worry about the roadblocks and instead worry on how to overcome them. Now is the time to implement all my verbage and turn dialogue into action.

Two weeks ago I ordered business cards so I wouldn't have to personally print them on my home printer. The ones I make are nice, but the ones I ordered are so much cuter ;) If you are looking for a good place to order business cards for a good price I recommend Got Print. It took about a week after I placed the order and confirmed it for them to arrive. I was so excited, mostly at the thought of how long it would have taken me to print 500 of them all at once. Thankfully, I ordered them.

My goal, thus, for this coming week is to stop at atleast one place everyday on may way to work, during lunch, or after work and drop off a few business cards. Yes, America, I am going to the streets. It's time to offer quality photography to everyone; we all deserve our beautiful memories captured. I sound all politician, don't I? Well, I'm on a mission and what better way to start this journey than this. Besides, in promoting my photography business I get to meet new people, which I love! Oh the perks, right?

At the end of next week I'll inform you bloggernet about the adventure. As for the special birthday...Tomorrow my little brother officially becomes a teenager! Aghhh!!! After him my mom has one more kid to enjoy before he, too, becomes a teenager. Since we are celebrating his birthday today, Happy Birthday AJ! I love you.

Enjoy your Saturday, I will :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Life is Weird.

Isn't it? I think it is but it is that weirdness about it that makes living it so worthwhile. I have spent the past few hours relaxing on my bed and flipping through the channels. It's been a long time since I've had the chance to just lounge around for a few hours - I had fun :) And, of course, while lounging around I was unable to place my mind on pause. Don't you just love it; you're trying to relax and your mind is speeding at a bagillion miles per hour. Crazy, huh? Yes. As a 24 (gasp!) year old I feel at a crossroads in my life. I'm blessed to be in the position I am in this journey God has given me and calls life. I have big decisions to make and even bigger steps to jump. Slowly but surely I will divulge, but at the moment, I just want to relax.

I'm looking forward to this weekend as I have plenty of fun things planned. I will also be photographing my first newborn session. I'm excited as I love babies! I've met her earlier this week and baby is beautiful and uber-quiet. I hope our session goes quiet as well... More on that next week :)

For now I leave you with a fun photo of one of my babies... Roberto. He had a photoshoot early this past Saturday morning. Have you ever seen such a photogenic Chihuahua?

Happy Wednesday ;)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

G.I.R.L. Power ;) & an itty bitty announcement!

Ahh... the perks of being a girl {if your a man reading this... it'll be short ;)} ribbons and pearls and diamonds galore. I adore being a girl. I love all the quirky things that make being a woman so fun and unique. We get to play dress up everyday - although it is a perk I don't often take advantage of. I admit it, I'm frumpy - aka lazy. Sorry. My dear future husband, it is important that you know no matter how much I love dresses and adore glamorous evening gowns, I will always prefer a big t-shirt (the largest possible!) and a good old pair of jeans. Although I love ribbons and curls, the impeccable length of my hair will always make that much more difficult. But dear husband I've yet to know, please know that no matter what I love being a girl.

Maybe it's the hopeless romantic within me but I love anything girly that oozes femininity. If only I could implement it in my everyday lifestyle - ahh but I guess I am just often a tad-bit too lazy. But I try :)

Anyway... as per the itty-bitty announcement... I've booked my third wedding of the year!!! {I just jumped up for joy internet, really.} Yes, I am so excited to have been chosen to photograph a special couple's long awaited celebration of marriage. Sigh, how I love L.O.V.E.

and because I love all things girly...

Happy Tuesday and don't forget to smile  :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday Nothings & and a Quickie Update :)

Bloggernet... (short sigh) as you may have noticed my blog is currently undergoing a strategically planned makeover. Problem is, though (longer sigh), my plans turns out to be not so strategic. I have been struggling for almost a whole week now trying to correct the html or xml or whatever it is I am doing with the blog. Alas, I may have to soon turn to the professionals since I cannot seem to read weird code... bummer. Still, I encourage you to keep coming back for daily updates, information, and of course photos!

I have some interesting news and updates for 2010 and look forward to sharing all my news and goals with you. As for the quickie update, I want to announce that I will now also be shooting "Boudoir" photography for all the women interested in having some beautiful, sexy yet oh-so-charmingly proper photos for their spouses or significant others. These will make great Valentine's Day gifts for those of you who like interesting, new, and thoughtful gifts for your prince charmings.

If you are interested in having a Boudoir photography shoot, call Marisol Izaguirre Photography at (956) 605-1056 or email at to book your session and discuss shoot details. If you book by February 1st you will receive a FREE 8x10 photo enlargement.

Happy Wednesday :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lilly + Erik = Engagement Photos

In second grade my best friend and I had a fight. We were so mad at each other over who knows what that we made our friends take sides. Yup, we literally divided our class in half for one whole day. At the moment the fight seemed to last forever but when I think back I realize we were only mad at each other for a day. It was silly. It is silly but that is what makes childhood memories fun. My dear friend Lilly and I have since grown up and our friendship drifted through the grades. After high school graduation we have since become friends again and I'm glad. She's a good person.

I'm excited for her upcoming nuptials to her very own prince charming Erik. They are truly perfect for each other and I am delighted to be a member of their wedding party. A few months after their engagement they were in need for a photo for their save the date's and of course I came to the rescue. I make a very good bridesmaid, I think ;) Although for obvious reasons I will not be photographing their wedding I was delighted to have taken some engagement photos to capture their joy and happiness.

Everytime I hang out with them my cheeks hurt from laughing and smiling. Their love is true, it's real. So being around them makes you smile.
Lilly and Erik I congratulate you both on your engagement and look forward to sharing your special day as part of your wedding party. I wish you both every happiness and many blessings.

Happy Tuesday :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Museums and Stuff

I can sit in a library for hours. At the top of my favorite things to do and things that make me smile lists is being in a library. I browse the bookshelves from top to bottom one aisle at a time. I love to read but I love even more reading each title in the bookshelves. I read the title and imagine what the book may be about. I love it. It makes me smile.

I think it is because I am an observer by nature. I observe; It's what I do naturally. People speak to me and I observe. I study their facial expressions, their mannerisms, everything. I learn from them. In everything I do I observe. Imagine a sponge dropped in water... it absorbs everything. I'm a sponge. Thus, it is no surprise to me that in every step I take I often see things differently. I view the world and create a mental photograph.

When there's a camera in my hand, I think it gets better. The inherent observer in me multiplies times a bazillion, yes a bazillion, and my mind begins to explode with imagination. I was the kid who loved to read because I loved to picture the story in my mind. I apply this inherent talent of mine in my photography and it makes being behind the lense so much more fun :) It, too, makes me happy.

Because I love to observe, I am also a sucker for museums. I take my time and read everything there is to read about each exhibit. I always learn something :) A few weeks ago I took a trip to the International International Museum of Arts and Sciences [commonly referred to IMAS] down here in the Rio Grande Valley. Like usual, I perused the halls and read evertything in sight about every object. I enjoyed it and I recommend you take a visit. Museums are fun, trust me ;)

My favorite exhibit was the ICONS stained glass windows exhibit. They are beautiful and made me feel peaceful.

This following crucifix is from a different exhibit. I thought it was beautiful. Isn't the artistic creation amazing?
This one made me smile... It spoke to me ;)
Yours truly...I love jewelry boxes. They give me the warm fuzzies. Really.
I encourage you my dear friends, whether it is one or many of you, to explore the world around you. Start with a museum or a simple park you may often overlook. Find the beauty of existence in the people, things, and places that exist around you. The beauty and serenity will amaze you.

Happy Monday :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bridal Wednesday... for Today ;)

One of the reasons I love looking, and consequently taking, bridal/wedding photographs is because I am a hopeless romantic. I believe in true love and happily ever after... yup I'm a sucker for Prince Charming. I think the essence of love is truly visible in bridal and wedding photography. I have two confirmed weddings I will be photographing this 2010 and I'm so excited - and I'm just photographing... imagine the brides!

So in light of my joy for booking two weddings as of January 6, 2010 I wanted to share some photos I took back in September for my model-bride. I wanted to have some photos with a "bridal-feel" to show potential clients but I didn't have readily-available access to a bride during my available time. So when life gives you lemons, I made bridal lemonade!

I called a friend and in a thirty-minute span I did her hair, make-up, and we traveled to a cute little church near my work office for an impromptu bridal shoot. Alas, I am not married nor am I engaged so I did not have bridal gown just lying around. But I am ingenious I tell you. I looked through my old pageant gowns and found a suitable white gown. I'm telling you, that day I made bridal lemonade ;)

The swanky bouquet, you ask... I made that too.
My dear friend Monica was such a sport. Summer was technically over but down here in the Rio Grande Valley it means nothing. It was a really hot day but she made the photos look cool and relaxed, don't you think?
A big thank you to Monica for flowing with the flow that day...Thank you! I look forward to meeting more brides and capturing their beautiful memories.

Happy Wednesday :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Blog Worthy Post ;)

I know it's 2010 but I wanted to share with you bloggernet my first engagement shoot... straight from NOLA... New Orleans, Louisiana. I flew to New Orleans back in early May of 2009 and had the best time photographing the soon to be wed couple Nolan and Isabel. They are originally from Texas, ahem... the groom is indeed my brother.... but I was nonetheless honored when they picked me to photograph their engagement shoot. I was totally professional, swear.

We began the day by simply walking around downtown New Orleans. Starting point was the park then off through the historic streets we went.

During a quick minute to rest (it was beautiful but hot!) I found this red door to be quite intriguing and snapped a quick shot. Isn't the red pretty?
Right in the middle of the street ;)
I snapped this shot also during a quick rest in the shade. Nolan and Isabel peeked in the mirror to pamper themselves and I thought it would make a nice family photo.
I found New Orleans to be full of character... beautiful.
The aftermath of Hurrican Katrina is still very much visible throughout the city. But the spirit of the people is not broken. I really enjoyed my stay in New Olreans and loved even more the opportunity to photograph Nolan and Isabel throughout the town.
Nolan and Isabel have now been wed and I am very grateful they entrusted me the opportunity to capture their love in full essence on camera. I wish them a blessed and happy marriage.

I should note they have since become the parents of a beautiful and healthy boy... Welcome Dominick!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Hello 2010!!!!

I left 2009 in tears and entered 2010 just the same. Pity. But regardless of the way some people make me feel I am glad to have experienced everything I did last year and look forward to what the Lord has in store for me this 2010. I absolutely love watching the big fireworks in the sky on New Year's Eve. They make me smile, really. I spent a lot of 2009 living in "fear" - afraid of the what if's and how to's. But that was then and this is now. Today is the first day of a brand new year and I am so lucky to be alive to enjoy it :) God has always been good to me and I am ever thankful. God, thank you.

I am so excited to fully invest myself in my photography. I have spent most, if  not all, of December extremely sick but I am finally getting better. I hate being ill; it inhibits me from doing things I love, like photography. But alas, trips to the doctors, pharmacy, and constant nagging on my mom has made me a trooper. I am finally feeling better, yay! And with a regain in my health, I feel so alive and ready to step forward with this little business venture of mine. I am thankful for all the people who believe in me and for those who continue to push me forward.

I woke up today and felt strong. I missed this strenght for most of 2009, but 2010 has brought it back to me and I'm never losing myself again - at least I'm going to try not to ;) I figured the best way to enjoy the day was to be carefree and enjoy the little things in life. So I wrangled my little, well, gigantic, brothers and went to the park. It was chilly but a beautiful day and I took the sunlight in, I took it all as a matter of fact.

At 5'2'' I am a pretty small woman. But within this short, and at the moment rather plump, body lies the soul of an ambitious woman. My name is Marisol Izaguirre and among many things I am a photographer. This 2010 I won't make any resolutions. Instead, I will do. Simple as that; when fear strikes me and my legs begin to quiver, I will stand proud and know that God gave me mighty muscles. Move over mighty mouse, there's a new photographer in town and I'm ready to build a brand.
I hope the world enjoyed a beautiful 2009 and wish everyone of you a blessed 2010. I can't wait to climb the ladder God has set up for me this year.

Happy New Year and God Bless!!!!