Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cynthia + Juan Carlos... Engaged! Edinburg, Texas

The first wedding on the 2014 books for me so far is Cynthia and Juan Carlos. I met these two just a mere three weeks after my little baby girl was born. I was excited and while I considered myself on maternity leave from photography, I was still anxious and excited to meet newly engaged couples. Juan Carlos and Cynthia, along with Cynthia's sister, came along one Sunday afternoon to chat about wedding photography. 

Cynthia is a sweet, bubbly, and slightly timid young woman who is definitely head over heels in love with her fiance. Juan Carlos is quiet, subtle and very much in love as well with Cynthia. The two of them together smile often, speak softly and exude sheer romance. It was lovely getting to meet them and learn a little about their upcoming path to marriage back in January and this month presented perfect weather for their romantic engagement session. 


Photographing them both was so naturally easy that after the first few frames, I hardly had to give them any direction. I truly enjoyed the afternoon I spent with them. Cynthia and Juan Carlos, thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer. I am so excited for your wedding! I look forward to learning more about you as the months progress and the big day arrives.

Happy Tuesday friends!

Friday, March 8, 2013


How lovely it is to be a woman...

Lovely chaise at Just Between Friends Tearoom in Pharr, Texas
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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

On Watermarks.

Since I began writing this blog and began sharing my pictures as I first started photography, I have gone through various watermarks to protect my images from copyright infringement. Watermarking ensures, or at least the concept of it did at some point in time, that - in this case- a photographer's work cannot be reproduced without written consent and permission. In other words, clients cannot use the images without the photographer's permission, images cannot be copied and used elsewhere for any purpose without photographer's permission, and images cannot be altered in any way - including removal of watermark. 

Watermarking seems like a good idea in theory. At least it did back then. It also served for easily identifying your work and having it be recognized by future potential clients. Nowadays, however, the photography industry continues to change often and it quite frankly, in my opinion, seems moot to ensue the trouble of watermarking my images for blogging purposes. It has been my experience that copyright or no copyright, visible or not, people will copy and use images if they want to. No one can stop them... I can't see what the person at the other computer is doing with my images. 

So why should I continue to add more to my workload when I can simply eliminate a process in my workflow? This is why, dear reader, I have decided to no longer watermark my images for blogging purposes. It seems pointless - clients will still crop out watermarks when using the images on line. Some may do it negligently while others unknowingly. Either way, it's done so why not make both our time better used? 

This is a sensitive subject for photographers, and I completely understand. But for the time being, I have decided to stop watermarking the images appearing on this blog. This blog is where I feature my recent work so if someone is going to copy the images and use them against my will, they are still infringing upon copyright whether the image is "written on" or not. 

With that said... I thought it would be nice to reminisce on all the watermarks I have gone through. Looking back, I realize I never quite found a proper watermark that I was fully happy with. I suppose it was a hint of things to come, ha! 

So we begin with 2009...

What do you think - what are your thoughts on watermarks? 

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Along with the newly re-designed website featuring my wedding work, I decided to create a site specifically for my boudoir photography. I wanted to site to be simple, feminine, and straight to the point. I kept it to one page with all of the necessary information for potential clients. If you have any questions regarding the boudoir sessions, I encourage you to give me a call after reviewing the site. 

I hope to hear from you!

If you or someone you know is interested in having a Boudoir session for your beloved, please check out the boudoir website and give me a call.

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Have you seen the new website? Along with the newly re-vamped blog, the website update was the very first project of updating and rebranding that I undertook a few weeks ago. While the project(s) were on my to do list and computer for two months, I finally spent the past few weeks really putting together the aesthetic concept of my new look.

After a very life-changing 2012 in my personal life, I wanted my photography brand to reflect how I feel in the inside. I have matured immensely over the past year and my personal life has blessed me in so many ways that it was time to "grow" up a little. I am a wife and mother now. I wanted my look to feel a little more "grown up" and "feminine" which is the way I feel.


So what are you waiting for? Head over to the newly re-designed website and share with your family and friends. Thank you!

Happy Saturday!http://marisolizaguirre.com

Friday, March 1, 2013

Brand New.

Finally! After hours, days, weeks and two months of attempting to re-work the aesthetic appeal of my photography brand I finally completed my three self-set projects. 

A few weeks ago, back in November to be exact, I decided that I needed to take some time to myself and really think about where my photography is headed. After being pregnant for the past nine months and only four weddings last year, I am ready to tackle wedding photography again. I will admit, it seems getting back into the swing of things and finding a working routine proves to be much more difficult with a newborn around but I am determined to find our way for it to work. I absolutely love that my job allows me to be a hands on full-time mother. 

So without further ado, I officially present you a re-vamped up blog, website, and the addition of a boudoir photography website. It's a brand new month, March 1st of 2013, and my wedding season is about to begin. I am ready.

This little lady is back and I am so very excited about photography!!!

I propose a toast.

To the greatest loves in our lives...
For the bride and groom, it's their respective fiances.
For the husbands and wives, it's loving their soul mate.
For humanity as a whole, it's admiration of our world.
For me, it's my brand new family.

I am feeling so inspired. And to that, my beloved friends, I toast!