Saturday, February 27, 2010

Being is Time.

Dasein. Have you read Being and Time? I have. Did I understand it? hmm... yeah, like every other sentence. Have no clue what I'm about to talk about? Not to worry my dear reader, I probably do not either. We're both, now, on an equal playing field. Do you ever sit and just wonder. Not about irritable ideas or silly questions but really wonder... about the things we may subconsciously choose to suppress for fear of driving ourselves mentally crazy. I do. Sometimes I think I can mentally drive myself bonkers! But alas, the ability to think, to wonder, to question everything possible from the simple concept of a tool to the concept of being have only helped me to ground my thoughts, beliefs, and personal theories even further.

In a nutshell, a very possibly misconstrued nutshell, Heidegger aims to work out the question of being and ends his writing in this book with the conclusion that being and temporality are one... being is time. Now, do not quote me but I could very well have totally misunderstood Heidegger but to me it makes sense. And afterall, philosophy, in my opinion, serves not as right or wrong doctrine but rather as a stepping stone to push one into inquiry. Dear reader I apologize if I have just led you into existential angst. But without further brain mushing I think it best that I get to the point I set out to make with this blog post.

I love my life. God has always been good to me. And all the bad things are merely bad because I sometimes disagree with them. But at the end of the day I am thankful to be alive and have the will to experience the good, the bad, and the what-the-hec-is-this -suppose to serve a purpose for moments. Thus, I am ready to make to be the best I can be and use me, the time God has gifted me with, to be better and work to be the best at everything I set out to do. Blah, blah, blah...what's your point Marisol?! Time is of the essence so use your time wisely and take advantage of every moment, breath and opportunity you are blessed with. The results are always worth it ;) Anyway since I just totally went of on a possibly irrelevant and abstract tangent in most of this post I think it is appropriately fitting that I show you my brand new watch... It was a gift I received today from a loving friend. I like it for many reasons but number one must be the fabulous part ;)

Happy Saturday friends :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Momma... I love you.

I don't know how God chose me for my mommy but I am so glad I was chosen to grow inside her belly to come into this world. I cannot imagine having to call any other woman on the face of this planet mother. She is my rock and the woman who has whole-heartedly helped shape me into the young woman I have become. Through her, God has taught me right and wrong and has punished me many times for the times in which my foot crosses into the forbidden wrongs. But from every mistake I have learned. I learned that no matter how cool a party in high school may seem, when your mother says no it means no. And for a good reason, too. I learned that when she says you do not need the coolest car to drive to McDonald's, she's serious. "All you need is four wheels and you're good to go." I learned that when she tells you not to disobey her requests, she means business...serious business. Boy, have I learned. And most importantly, I continue to learn that no matter how many times you fall and she yells at you trying to tell you "I told you so" she still loves you, possibly even more than before.

My dearest mother, I love you.

Have you told your mother how much you love her today?


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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

+sites... Showit Rocks ;)

I like creating websites, not as much as like photography but pretty close... But I like to have lots of control on what I'm creating and how I can create it. I may not always know the proper ways to do a certain something but I use my brain to its fullest in attempting to accomplish what I set out to. It's like brain therapy, really. Well after blog-stalking the fabulous Miss Jasmine Star for a while last year I read she highly recommended using Showit for your photography website. I was weary at first but after scoping out the Showit website for a few months I finally busted out my debit card, that's right debit, and made the splurge. Boy was I happy :) I am no Jasmine Star but I do too highly recommend Showit for your website needs... you really can show it fast! A few months ago I created my website and look forward to really experimenting with creativity and producing a final outcome. Try it out!.. You'll love it - it's ahh-mah-zing!

Speaking of how awesome Showit is... a while back they developed the idea and made it possible to make mini-sites for your clients. How cool is that? Too cool if you ask me ;) So, without further ado... to all my prospective clients... listen up peeps... Your photography package {Portrait, Wedding, Pets, anything for that matter...} now include your own personal mini-site displaying the favorite images from your shoot. Neat, huh? I sure hope you think so... Below is a +site for The Zamoras displaying some of their favorite photos from their family Christmas portraits last year. You can read about it here :) Check out the latest page I just posted using Showit:

Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's all about strategy.

Life, it's like a game of chess don't you think? We have to think about the choices we make and those we fail to do. It's all about strategy. You have to take risks in life but you can't live without putting some deep thought into important aspects of your own life. Right? I've been rather busy these past week but a lot of being busy has been spent on pondering thoughts. About what you ask? {Sigh...} Many things bloggernet, too many if you ask me. I'm a thinker, though, so it is no harsh punishment on my behalf. Since I've been doing so much thinking and have, only recently, learned to play chess I figured my mind could use some fun focusing on photographing some simple objects. It was a beautiful day and though my subjects did not move or smile, I highly enjoyed composing the following images. What do you think?


Happy Sunday and Happy Valentine's Day :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Believe. The world is beautiful.

Dear friends,

Have you ever looked around you and wondered how the world became to be? Don't panic, I will not go uber-philosophical on you... Ever question how the feelings that we feel ever came to be? Have I planted a seed in your mind now? If you haven't, you should take a moment and think about it, it'll make your brain happy ;) So February is in full swing and Valentine's Day is just around the corner meaning love is in the air, theoretically of course.

So while many of you ponder over the happiness or unhappiness of Cupid's day, I encourage you to celebrate yourself this Valentine's Day. If you don't have a valentine, be your own. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers and eat a little, just a little, bit of chocolate. And if your heart belongs to someone, then make it memorable. Say I love you with deeper passion or simply smile. Gifts are not the essence, love is.

Have I gone soft on you? Nah, I just realized people go crazy in February ;) That and I'm a sucker for hearts and a little thing we call L.O.V.E. Aren't you?

Speaking about love, I love this picture ;)

Have a beautiful and ah-mazing week ;)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The road less traveled.

It could be the severe lack of sleep I am suffering from or I may have completely gone bonkers but I am totally guilty of nurturing ideas of revolt. What?! You ask, put your pitchfork down bloggernet I am not rounding up the masses in a fight for conservatism or liberalism. Rather, I am creating a revolution within the people I come across. I enjoy meeting new people and engaging in interesting conversations. Since it has been a whole year from college graduation, I rarely have the liberty to engage in random, yet oh-so-intelligent, theoretical arguments, ahem, discussions. But just recently, my dear friends have entrusted in me a mere, simple thought and I have helped spark a fire within them.

So where am I headed? Be free my friends! If it means revolt against the oppressor then jump away. Of course I am speaking metaphorically for the crossroad I find myself at the present moment. I am trying really hard to jump start this photography business but my helmet seems to wear off easily. Never fear my people, I am one tough cookie ;) Who is my oppressor you may ask, well of course I will tell you. ME! I am my own oppressor. My fear sometimes keeps me from jumping high enough or as far as I really want to. Well, all year I have been working hard to throw that out the window. See ya later Mr. Fear.

Anyway, I wrote this to inspire myself to jump farther and whoever else out there in this world who stumbles accross my verbiage. Don't be afraid of anything. Fear nothing but the Lord because he will always take care of you. When you stop worrying about the what-if's you realize the what you have done and that feeling is oh-so-good.

Oh, and I am still working on spreading the business cards throught the world (ok, just South Texas - FOR NOW!!!) I'll keep you updated. And remember, God loves you.

If I rambled, I am sorry. I am also very sleepy ;)
Have a beautiful day and conquer your little piece of the world :)

Comments Working (Whew!)

Dear internet-stalker friends: (I'm kidding!)

In case you never noticed, the Comments were not working in the blog for the past two weeks but alas don't fear, I have finally fixed the problem. So, as of today, you can start leaving me comments on all the blog posts you feel the sudden urge to comment on.

And if you never knew you could leave a comment, now you do... so leave me some ;)

Good Night and have a beautiful day :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Pitter Patter. My brain is in a knot but it doesn't matter ;)

Ok, so I am not Dr. Seuss but I can write a mean poem and by mean I'm talking poetic justice. Ha, I think I'm going crazy...I've been so busy for the past week and this week appears to be heading in the same direction. Regardless, I've had a lot of fun photography-related adventures. I know I said a I was going to spend every day last week leaving business cards at one local business during my lunch hours but the truth is I've worked my lunch hours. It's been crazy in number-land...

But I will embark on this photography-people-mission. I promise. On a brighter note, I am feeling quite dapper ;) Important news... I have booked my fourth wedding!!! Yes, you read correctly, 4th wedding booked for 2010. GOD is GOOD!!! I am so excited bloggernet. I jump for joy inside my little, plump body. I will be traveling to Kyle, Texas for a beautiful Fall wedding. I am so excited!!!

Since I am so tired and can barely keep my little eyes open, I leave you will a sneak peek of the newborn session I photographed last week. More to come soon...

Happy Monday Friends :)