Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Today is my youngest brother's 13th birthday.

Thank you Jesus! Lord, I am ever so blessed to have three amazing brothers to look after and care for. Three brothers, who have surpassed me in height, but still depend on me, rely on me and aren't afraid to let me know when they need me. I really can't believe it has been thirteen years since I held my littlest brother in my arms when he was born. I don't have any children of my own yet but my brothers are like my children. I am their second mother. I love them so very much. I can only imagine the love my mother feels like for us. 

Brandon Anthony turns 13 today... he is officially a teenager. My little brothers have grown into beautiful, healthy and happy young men. I am so proud of them. 

I wish you a very Happy Birthday Brandon!!! I love you so, so much. Thank you for allowing me to be your big sister... I love you!!!!

Your big sister Mary

Wedding on the blog tomorrow... Woop! Woop! :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

109 Years.

Today is Founder's Day... 109 years ago six women at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio decided to form the sisterhood, the bond, my sorority Delta Zeta.

More than a century later, we celebrate the continuance and strength of an amazing sisterhood. It is an honor to be a Delta Zeta. I am honored to have shared in celebration with my sisters today. All over the world and, most importantly, with the South Texas Alumnae Chapter. 

Being a Delta Zeta taught me leadership, manners and how to be organized (Yes, Yva... I can be organized!) But, most importantly, Delta Zeta brought out the best leadership qualities in me. I cannot stay in the background of any situation, big or small, and not contribute. I can't help but want to jump right in and be a leader if needed. This is a quality every Delta Zeta possesses. It's just in our nature, to be the best we can be. To reach for the stars and take our slice of success. To never give up and work hard to achieve what you desire to attain. If you want something, work for it!

Delta Zeta, HAPPY FOUNDER'S DAY!!!! 

My newest addition... definitely a favorite ;)

God has brought such amazing sisters!!!

Good night!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bringing Sexy Back...

I have braces.

Two weeks ago a made an appointment with the orthodontist and decided to schedule a date to have braces installed. Wow. Did I just type out installed? Yes, yes I did. I scheduled a date and didn't think about it much. I googled braces one afternoon and wondered what I would look like with metal in my mouth. 

Should I go for clear, color? Could they add rhinestones? My extensive "types of braces" always led me back to the same thing... for about two years I will beep every time I cross through a medal detector.  Oh the joy!

When my baby teeth fell out, long, long ago, and my adult teeth came in my parents could not afford braces for me at first. Then, when I made it to high school and my parents wanted to {desperately} have my teeth prettified I hesitated. Seriously, you want me to put braces on now?! By age 16 I was used to my imperfect smile. There was no way I was letting someone torture me with metal and pain.

I am 25 years old {a lady never reveals her age, but seriously on my next birthday I'm counting backwards...}. For most of 2011 I have felt like I am further in angst, existential if you will, than ever before. I have matured in ways I never imagined possible. I am stronger than I thought I could be. Blah, blah, blah... you know the deal. But I would not feel this way about myself if I had not gone through what I like to refer to as a "quarter life crisis." 

Are you laughing at me?! But really, I think I did experience a quarter life crisis... Instead of wanting to buy a Harley and coloring my gray hair {which I do have by the way!} I opted for a scooter.... 

Oh, you're definitely laughing now!

Granted, I have yet to purchase one, I seriously considered it for a few months and even imagined how I would pimp it out. 

Projects. The scooter project was simply something further to keep me preoccupied... to keep myself thinking and moving forward, no pun intended. I have tons of patience but I can also be, severely, impatient. It's quite odd. 

Getting braces was my next quarter life project. I have always wanted to wear red lipstick. I am so excited, after a few years, I will FINALLY be able to pucker up and flash you a bonafide movie star smile :) Yeah, I'm that optimistic. 

So for the past week and a half I have become best friends with Advil and hate the thought of smiling. Not because I'll flash you metal, but because it hurts!!!!! Ouch :(

On the bright side, this little lady (who is aging one year older in the next two months) is aging backwards... a la Benjamin Button.

Ahh, back to my teen years... 

This is from yesterday afternoon during one of the mini sessions... more on who took the photo r-e-a-l soon. Can you see my braces?!?!

Finally, here are some random facts about having braces... brace yourself ;) Bwahahahaha!

  1. My mom's first words when she saw me... "You're beautiful my baby!!" <-- That, my dear, is why mom is the coolest. She makes me feel oh so special ;)
  2. My younger brothers, now OFFICIALLY, look older than me and have proceeded to call me Ugly Betty. Oh how they love me!!
  3. I wanted a poncho really bad but my best friends talked me out of it because I did actually look like Ugly Betty.  It's a shame... the poncho was so cute!
  4. Braces have made me a hot commodity! Why, oh why did I not get them sooner?! Bwahahaha!!
  5. I actually don't beep through the metal detector... I tried it. Bummer, I thought that would make for a fun time.
  6. Nothing, not even braces, can stop me from eating. Never!!!!
  7. I have a little bit of a lisp when I speak now... did I spell that right? 
  8. I cannot say words with the letter "S" the way I used to....
  9. I will attempt to eat popcorn this weekend... I'm such a rebel - watch out!
  10. Umm... I can never eat in public comfortably ever again. Well, who cares :) 
  11. If you see me and I have food in stuck, PLEASE tell me!!!! 
Picture it, me on my pimped out pink scooter smiling with my baby blue braces... Oh I'm sexy now!!!

Have a great weekend my friends and smile!!!! :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ring! Ring! Call me :)

Marisol Izaguirre LLC has a new phone number...

You may now reach me at (956) 569-2257. 

New and existing clients, please make a note of the new number. This is where you can now reach me at. Please leave your name, number and a brief message if I am unable to answer your call. I will get back to you promptly :)

As always, you can also reach me via email at izaguirre_marisol@yahoo.com. You can also send me a quick little text message...

Talk to you soon :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

My father, Miguel Izaguirre.

Today is my father's birthday.

I wondered what I could do to get through the day the quickest.

I have yet to figure something out. What I have discovered, however, is how much I wish I could do something, anything to celebrate with him. But I can't.

I probably never will again.

I only wish I had a place to mourn; to know if I should even mourn. I have faith but I am also practical. Regardless, I miss him immensely. I wanted to buy him flowers, but where would I leave them? Grieving is hard. Now knowing if I really should be grieving is difficult. Not knowing at all is even harder.

I actually do not know what age he would be now but what I do know is that on October 7th of many, many years ago the man who gave me life was born. I love you papi... te quiero mucho.

Happy Birthday Papi!!!

Hugs & Kisses.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


‎"the only way to do great work, is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

Well, Mr. Jobs, I couldn't have said it myself. I was going to blog the second part of Marco and Christina's engagement session but felt like I just had to...

When I received my first iphone back a few years ago as it first came out I had no idea what it was. I was unfamiliar with the brand, the concept of the phone and quite frankly its technology. I did not understand the hype. I didn't. 

But a mere few weeks with my new phone and I was frustrated at school when I'd touch the screen of the computers at the library and they would not work. I was hooked.

My iphone is such a crucial part to my business, and in essence my life. I use it for so much more than merely to converse. I communicate - on a multitude of levels. Honestly, I would be a little lost without it. The iphone may well be one of the greater and revolutionary inventions I'll live to see but, more so, it has become an integral part of who I am. After many years, I have broken way, way too many iphones. I will probably {knock on wood} break more. 

I love my job(s). I do. Steve Jobs loved his. Today he is gone but his innovations remain. Wow. May he rest in peace. 

Good night world, good night. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Christina + Marco... Engaged - Part One!!! South Padre Island, Texas

I am anxiously waiting for November 19th so that I can see Christina walk down the aisle to marry Marco!!! I'm not going to lie... I was ecstatic when I first met Christina and her mom Cheryl back in May. She was the very first bride a wedding planner had recommended me to. EEK!!! I felt, honored? Yes, I felt honored. Surely it was a compliment that a wedding planner extraordinaire would think highly of me - enough to send a bride my way. 

Valerie, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Christina and Marco were meant for me...

They are such a cool, calm and collected couple. Marco and Christina have dated for a few years now and are ready to make it official. Getting married!!! The two of them enjoy spending time together relaxing and absolutely love frequenting the beach. 

Then there's Chico and Maci. Two adorable and spunky chihuahuas. 

Christina and Marco have really cool jobs. They spend their time divided between planning their future together, making a difference at the hospital as registered nurses, and loving life with Chico and Maci. Together, they are just so hip with one another. Marco is one lucky man... Christina is an absolutely beautiful woman with such a sweet personality and smile. Christina is engaged to a driven and intelligent man who is ready to make her his wife. 

M+C, thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer. I have absolutely enjoyed getting to know the both of you on the journey to your wedding. I had a great time at the beach for your engagement session and really liked seeing Maci and Chico. I can't wait to photograph your wedding!!!! 

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite images from the first part of their engagement session. See what I mean about them being so hip and cool....

Sigh. I absolutely love photographing people in love. Come back tomorrow for part two of their engagement session!

Have an amazing week my friends!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm BACK!!!!

Oh my goodness.... How hard was it to stay away and not blog? 

Very. {No, really...}

Over the past month I have learned a few things about myself I seem to not have any prior knowledge of. September has come and gone; it was definitely one of the most challenging months of 2011. 

But on a brighter, much brighter note... I wanted to formally blog a big Texas HOWDY!!! I have so much to share with you bloggernet - so much.

Where to start?....

Because my mind is really all over the place at the moment, this blog post will probably follow the same pattern. So... here's a few random odds I thought about over the past month:

  1. Having itunes on your phone has created a monster... Yikes! It's so easy, so so easy, to just Click + Buy music on my (beloved) iphone. It has also become so so easy to forget I am actually spending money every time I click. On the plus side, I have finally added {tons} of new music to my ipod.
  2. Carrying books around in the car does not, I repeat, does not make their contents miraculously embed itself in your brain. Trust me ;) 
  3. Barnes and Nobles has taken a chunk of my money this month... I need to make time to read everything I have purchased. 
  4. I want a kindle... I think. Still debating this one.
  5. I may very well be obsessed with turtles. Okay, I am.
  6. Some one needs to pry the Coca-Cola from my hands. Please.
  7. In one week I ate way too many breakfast tacos. They were yummy nonetheless.
  8. Breakfast tacos have, thus, added a few pounds to my tummy. {Grrr...}
  9. I'm going to have a little girl!!! Whoah - okay, so I'm going to be a GODMOTHER!!! I'm so excited :) I'll have a cute little girl to shop for now, yay!
  10. I have decided I'd love a husband who would massage my little feet after a long, long, long, day of work. And a back rub too :)
  11. I {finally} understand the allure of Dancing with the Stars.
  12. I heart Stewie from Family Guy :)
  13. I actually like strawberries. {Whoah.}
  14. I heart Grayson from Drop Dead Diva but boy did he miss the boat on losing out on Jane {his soulmate!!!!} I really hope he's  not too late... did you catch the season finale?! Boo to waiting a WHOLE year to find out what happens. Impatient much? Umm... YES!
  15. I don't want to ever discuss parking. Ever. {Blahh! There's a good story to this.}
  16. I let a random stylist in a different city cut my hair. Oh-my... I'm spontaneous.
  17. I may have a little shopping problem, slightly.
  18. I eat way too many chocolate chip cookies. But it's okay :)
  19. I have great long term memory. I have zero short term memory. 
  20. I'm obsessed with buying mini stuff... mini cokes, mini pencils, mini everything!!!
  21. I need a little truck :)
  22. I can't carry all of my equipment. {Thanks Yva!!!}
  23. I may very well be maturing into a stronger woman I ever thought I could be. Jury is still out...
  24. I am falling. ;) Read-between-the-lines. 
  25. I finally went to Housewine {thanks girls!!!}
  26. I need to stop self-diagnosing myself with Dr. Gooogle... ha ha!
  27. God is oh-so-cool. Trust me.
  28. I need to stop adding to my plate... metaphorically and literally.
  29. My brides {and grooms} are the coolest kids on the block. 
  30. I am sleep deprived.

And because a post is always better with a picture... here's one from this weekend - Mom and Me... October is Breast Cancer Awareness - support!!! More on this later :)

I've missed you. Good thing I'm back :) 

Sweet dreams!!!