Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Jimenez ♥ Portraits

A few days I blogged about meeting Anna and Salvador for their bride and groom portraits in lieu of their upcoming 25th Anniversary celebration.Well along with their romantic couple's session, I had the opportunity to later photograph some casual and relaxed family portraits. I truly loved photographing Anna and Salvador - their session was so much fun! 

Their family session was nothing less than fun as well. Anna and Salvador's children were a pleasure to get to know. Salvador Jr, the youngest and only son, was really timid at first but eventually loosened up... thanks to his two wonderful sisters :)

This beautiful family of five care about one another and their love is evident in their images. Salvador and Anna, thank you for allowing me to photograph some of the most important things in your life. Thank you! I hope you cherish your images and, again, I wish you many, many more years of a happy marriage and a healthy family.

On a more personal/slash/business note, I am feeling a little under the weather. Oh no!!! I am hoping I feel much better tomorrow :)

Wohoo!! It's almost Friday... I hope your week is going exceptionally well :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kristine ♥ Boudoir.

I have been asked to photograph boudoir sessions for a few months now but have been hesistant for a while until now...

As a woman, I know we are often self-conscious no matter how good we think we look. It is in our nature to catch glimpse of ourselves everytime we pass by a mirror or see our reflection on a giant window. You don't? Really?! Because I admit it, I'll look... make sure my hair looks okay, my clothes fits well and that I have a little bounce in my step ;)

Ha! Kidding aside, I find it important to feel confident and beautiful so that we may portray true beauty to the outer world. My Boudoir Collections have been designed for the modern woman, the modern bride and the modern wife.

Catered to each individual, your boudoir session will be an unique experience where your beauty will shine through create some utterly romantic yet sexy images of yourself feeling your best.

Women, you are beautiful!!!!

Take Kristine for example... Kristine was so nervous the weeks leading up to her session she almost made me nervous. Gahh! I can just imagine myself - with a heavy camera tremlbing in my hand. Thankfully, we pulled through and together we created some beautiful imagery. Yes, together. Without her beauty, her smile, her essence, I would have just taken photos. But she made her session her own and completely personalized it to reflect her beauty.

Take a look for yourself...

WARNING!!! This post may include riskier photos than usual... but still decent and beautiful :) Enter at your own risk :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gladys + RJ are having a baby!!! ♥ McAllen, Texas

Expecting parents are always so happy to be photographed and Gladys and RJ are no exception. I met Gladys a few years ago right before her wedding. She hired me to photograph her bridal shower and I was just starting out in learning photography. Just weeks away from her wedding day, Gladys glowed as every bride does. I did not get to meet RJ that day, no boys allowed at the shower! But I do remember him sending her a special gift for her to open in front of all her special guests.

I remember photographing her as she opened the boxes and she beamed with happiness. It was apparent she was head over heels in love with her fiance. Fast forward two and a half years later and I finally had the chance to meet her prince charming.

Gladys and RJ are expecting their first child in a few weeks and I had the joy of photograhing them together as they prepare for the baby's arrival. I feel very honored because Gladys rememberd me and allowed me to catch a glimpse of her wonderful and blessed life. These two are well on their way to making wonderful parents. And they make great models, too! Both of them were so natural in front of the camera that I think this has definitely become one of the easisest sessions I have photographed. 

RJ and Gladys, thank you! Thank you for allowing me to photograph your love, baby bump and parental glow. I wish you many congratulations on the pending baby and hope you are blessed with a healthy child. Congratulations and best wishes for your growing family!!!

I hope you had a fantastic Tuesday!!! Come back tomorrow :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Engaged ♥ Pete and Lyzeth - McAllen, Texas

Have I mentioned engagement sessions are pretty much my favorite to photograph?! 

I met Lyzeth and Pete via telephone calls a few weeks ago and looked forward to meeting them in person. I live in a small itty-bitty town called Donna and if you blink as you drive through the expressway you may miss it, literally. To my pleasant surprise, Lyzeth and Pete are from my hometown!

They recently became engaged and I am delighted to have captured their love with the following images. Lyzeth is sweet and very kind. She is also completely in love with her fiance Pete. Pete, Pete was quiet at first but probably because he really didn't know me. As our session progressed through Rancho El Charco in La Joya, the three of us learned a little more about one another.

Pete and Lyzeth were such troopers willing to try new ideas for their session. It had been a while since I photographed at Rancho El Charco so I was looking forward to seeing the landscape since we are back to warm weather and the location did not disappoint.

I definitely need to pull out my cowboy boots for the upcoming summer since I spend a lot of my time shooting outdoors, and in ranches. The perks of my job - I love it!!!

Lyzeth and Pete, thank you for allowing me to spend a lovely afternoon with you. Congratulations on your engagement!!! I wish you lots of happiness and every blessing on your path towards marriage and life as a married couple.

I hope you're having an amazing week!! Be blessed :)

Please Note: Clients free to use these watermarked images on your social networking sites. Please refrain from altering the photo in any shape or form. Re-editing of images is strictly prohibited and infringes upon copyright law. Otherwise, please don't steal my images :) Thank you!