Monday, November 21, 2011

Family. {It's Love.}

After this weekend's wedding and Sunday's double-whammy of full day editing whilst attempting to regain the feeling in my feet, I was almost certain someone would have to drag me out of bed this morning. 

But they didn't. Amazingly, I didn't drag much - other than my legs - the entire day. I had a great day. Let me reiterate, great. For the first time in a very long time I felt like my old self. Somehow, there was a permanent smile on my face. It wasn't a feeling of giddiness or a funny joke that made me smile. Rather, it came from within.

When I made it home, me, the boys and my mom went out for dinner. On a random Monday. My brothers picked on my the entire car ride over and my mom just giggled. She even joined on a joke or two. And me, I smiled. I smiled the entire way over. The giggles in the car just reminded me how blessed I am. I must have woken up remembering that feeling this morning. I am so glad it came back...

Whether it's because I can finally rest for the whole month of December or because my family is so silly, I had such a good day. Sore feet and all :)

After dinner... Mom, me and the boys. {Love}

Good night!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Give Thanks Portraits. {2011}

It's Friday night and I am sitting on the couch, cozy, watching How to Marry a Millionaire. I absolutely love this movie... it's cute, funny and makes me giggle so much. Have you seen it? 

Anyway, as I sit here and keep warm on a chilly night I am reflecting on a few conversations I have had in the past year. I had a few people over the past few months who were highly interested in having a Portrait Collection but were unable to move forward with a session because it is merely a luxury want, not a need. I don't ever want to think someone should be denied photography, much less a single family portrait, on the mere basis that they cannot afford it. For obvious reasons, photographs are very important to me. The reality they capture, the moments and feelings we experience, they become instant family heirlooms. 

As November nears its end and Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner, I can't help but feel extremely thankful for all the blessings in my life. Thank you God, for everything. It is because of every blessing I have received that I have decided to give back, to you. 

I love the act of photography. Photographing people makes me smile. I love the interaction between human activity and seeing the candid moments almost frozen in time, frozen to forever remember. It is because I love being behind my camera so much that I have decided to spend an afternoon shooting... you. For Free. 

You read correctly. I will be hanging out at a nice park on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, photographing anyone who wants to have their portrait taken. Here's what I can offer you... Everyone who shows up will get a few pictures taken; it will be quick 5 to 7 minutes. I'll take down your contact information and a few days later you will be able to choose your free 5x7 desk print. You'll need to contact me to officially reserve your spot so that I can share with you the location. You can reach me at (956) 569-2257. If I do not answer, please leave a voicemail with your name and contact info. You can also send me a text message. So what's the catch? None. There is no catch, other than you must show up with a big, bright smile :) This will be a one-time-deal only... spread the word!

Amidst all of your Black Friday shopping, I hope to see many of you!

Be blessed my friends. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cinthya's Bridals. Weslaco, Texas

Cinthya and Orlando were married last month and before I share with you my favorite images from their fabulous wedding day I think it's finally time I get to share with you Cinthya's bridal session. We definitely ran against the clock for Cinthya's session on so many levels. For one, we photographed her the Sunday before her wedding weekend, yikes!!! Poor UPS delivery man... I'm sure I hounded him like crazy for that week :) Second, I photographed Cinthya in about 35 to 40 minutes. Literally. And we went to two locations, granted they were nearby but we were so pressed for time and needed to finish before it became dark. 

Cinthya's session was absolutely lovely. She truly makes a beautiful bride and it always makes me so giddy to see all of my brides in their full wedding day attire. And when they put the veil on, oh-em-gee! It's like hearing the wedding march... it truly makes a bride a bride

Cinthya is no exception. She exuded femininity and beauty throughout her bridal session.

Cinthya, you are beautiful!!!!!

Good night my friends.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Feasting and cleaning up.

Yesterday the South Texas Alumnae Chapter of the Delta Zeta Sorority volunteered a few hours of our afternoon with HEB's 21st Annual Feast of Sharing.

Our turnout was small, but we still made a difference. The 2 hour shift went by way fast and we even had time to eat *before* helping out. Isn't that nice?

All throughout high school I volunteered at this annual event with school organizations. It was nice to be back... The venue is bigger, there's way more people and tons more volunteers.

And we, Delta Zeta, loved giving back.

My internet at home is not working right now so I'm blogging from my phone. Since I still wanted to blog tonight, I figured it was a perfect time to thank Annylu, Tammy, Laura, Jackie and Becca for volunteering their time.

Here's a few iPhone snippets...

What are some organizations you like to give back to?

Good night :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

For my birthday I wish for...

My birthday is in a few weeks, yikes!

I normally get very excited and have a countdown until the seconds right before my birthday. I've counted down for the past, well since I can remember. This year, I swore I wouldn't make a big deal any longer. I'll be over 25 and figured it was time to leave birthday wishes behind. 

Until I realized... who cares?! Who cares that I will be 26 and closer to thirty. Who cares that I have not definitively decided if I will follow a post graduate career or not. Who cares that I have not yet realized where I want to live. 

I'm having a birthday in a few weeks and I have a birthday wish!

I've been a late bloomer all my life. In everything. 

I have just decided I want a bike. While most kids get one from Santa or their parents around age 10, I am asking for one now. I smile at the thought of actually getting this for my birthday :)

I may, just may, buy myself a birthday gift this year...

It's a Huffy Women's Cruiser Bike, it's my favorite color and it has damask! All I need is a white basket... to carry my books, dreams and an ice cold Coca-Cola. Ahhhh.... Crossing my fingers :)


I'll need a helmet... 

Umm, yes. I still want a scooter. But this bike is only about a hundred dollars. I'm still saving up for the scooter :)

It's going to be a great week, I know it!!!

Photos above from:

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Engaged... Christina + Marco Part Deux - Weslaco, Texas

Christina and Marco's wedding is literally one week away... I'm so excited!!! I've spent the past six months getting to know the two of them and have really learned a lot about them over the recent weeks. As I previously mentioned when I shared with you the first part of their engagement session, Christina and Marco are an incredibly sweet couple. They are very much in love with one another and it's obvious in their subtle glances and gestures. 

I have been anxiously been awaiting their late November wedding and the day is right around the corner. Next week at this time, Christina and Marco will have said I do. They will be dancing the night away at their reception and I will be boogying on down on the dance floor along them. Capturing their smiles, of course :).

Christina and Marco, see you real soon!!!! 

Happy Saturday!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Peace be still.

Good night.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Yva Dyva {Office Manager & Assistant Extraordinaire}

As you may have noticed, by my less than **sparkly** and **giddy** blog posts... these past few months have been a little draining for me. This business has grown exponentially and with growth comes growing pains... or in my case, I get the urge to add way more things on my to do lists.

It is with no exception, thus, that assistance was most certainly needed, coveted and very much desired. Back in 2010, at this exact time last year, I wished and dreamt of having my very own office space. As I have previously disclosed, I did not imagine it would happen so soon... Thank you Jesus!!!

So with a new office, all to myself, I next dreamt of having someone to work at the office... someone who could understand me, know me and, most importantly, loved passionately the concept of weddings, photography and all things sparkly & pretty. 

This person, I imagined, would eventually appear at the right moment down the future. And she would jump on board... again I never imagined she'd pop out so quickly! Oh Yva, Yva has truly carved a little nook in my heart where I hold the spaces for the special people in my life. It was not planned, it was not designated, it just simply became inherent for Yva to take over Marisol Izaguirre LLC as the Office Manager and as my Assistant. 

I'd like to officially welcome Yva De La Rosa and to personally introduce her to you my beloved friends. 


Yva is an amazing person who truly cares for those around her. She is kind, caring and full of a wonderful bubbly personality. She is my sorority sister, my friend, and now my trusty sidekick in the coolest job ever. 

Shabby. Vintage. Girly. I think I'm describing myself but guess what? That's totally YVA!!!

Miss De La Rosa is happily engaged to a true prince charming. This future Mrs. Hilbery is in the process of planning her very own wedding!!! As a bride herself, she brings a great perspective and personality to Marisol Izaguirre LLC. She scourges the wedding blogs like nobody's business. Style Me Pretty. Ruffled Blog. Wedding Chicks. You name it, she's seen it. And weddings aside, Yva has an impeccable eye for style. She is one talented woman. 

Yva is a planner, attentive to detail and very, very, very organized. She is a blessing in disguise and I would be so overwhelmed if she wasn't here right now. Yva, thank you!!! She has completely organized me over the past two weeks, wow!

But the best part, the best part is that she gets me. She totally gets me. 

At every session, wedding, meeting she reaches out and hands me an ice-cold-coca-cola. Ahhh.... quenches my thirst :) 

Together, we have spent this summer planning, crafting, dreaming and drinking lots of soda. Yikes!

So now my friends, former, existing and future clients, if you don't recognize my voice... it's probaby Yva! She will be dealing with all the office mangager-y stuff and tag along for as many sessions and weddings as possible from here on now. She'll also do her best to make you giggle :)

You can also follow Yva's blog... The Crowning Jewel... as she writes about her upcoming wedding, including ideas and tips, as well as posting about the Behind the Scenes at Marisol Izaguirre Photography. Here's a link to her wedding blog -->

And now, a friendly face to the lovely soul...

She's really funny. No, really. Funny. 

Yva De La Rosa
Office Manager/Assistant

Yva, in a nutshell :)

Ideally, Yva will learn quickly her way around shooting manually... Our goal is to have join me in photographing from time to time. What do you think? I think she can do it :) The best part is, she wants to learn!

Did I mention we love Coca Cola?...

And, well because I simply had to... I swear she insists on carrying everything, promise!!! Bwahahahaha :) She's the best!!! {See the sodas?!}

Yva, thank you for absolutely everything you do. You are such a help. Actually, help is an understatement. You are truly my sidekick. I turn and look for something and you are, literally, already there reaching out holding whatever it is I could possibly need - be it a lens or my own wallet. You have learned to speak Mary, along with Sofia, impeccably. Today I spent all afternoon, about 4 hours, at the doctor's having everything checked. And Yva so willingly calls in to check up on me at the end of the day. Who does that? Yva does... because she cares and is truly a caring friend. I am very blessed to have such amazing people in my life like you Yva. Sister, I am ever grateful.