Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why am I so tired?

These past few days I have been overdrafting on my sleep bank... I spent most of May, June and first half of July practically awake and working every waking moment. But last week... I spent much of last week it sleeping yet as I sit here tonight and write this blog post my right eye takes a peek at the clock and dreams about being in bed. I've been sleeping early, way early for my usual standards, and just looking at my laptop with some type of blah look. Really, I see it and contemplate walking towards it and get some work done but instead I make a u-turn for my room and jump on my cuddly bed. I'm not quite sure if I'm ill as it is not fully apparent. Perhaps I am tired, exhausted. I find myself wishing it was time to rest during the day and dreading having to wake up in the mornings to get out of bed. What is wrong with me? Yawn. I think my body is just telling me to slow down a tad bit and breathe, really breathe. It's better to be a little lazy in my down time than a lazy and unproductive photographer on the day my clients need me. At least that's how I have justified all my recent naps ;)

As per the lack of recent blog posts, I'm sorry internet. But as a mini-apology I bid you goodnight with a peek from one of my recent brides soon to wed...
 Happy Wednesday!!!!! ;)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Illiana ♥ 2010 Bride

How many of you have planned a wedding in a month? Yes, you read correct, one month! I think Illiana deserves an award... she planned a beautiful wedding in such a short time frame and I had so much fun attending both as her friend and photographer. Last week Illiana scheduled her bridal session so we could capture some relaxed portraits in her beautiful wedding gown. I had been waiting all week to post them because she radiates in her beautiful gown! Illiana you are gorgeous and make me want to look just as beautiful as you did on your wedding day.

The Saturday was early in the morning but down here in the south it hardly makes any difference in weather conditions. The day was hot and oh-so-humid but my beautiful bride pulled of her session with out a hitch. We waddled around the area and she was such a trooper always making sure we captured the look we were going for. I had a lot of fun and I feel special because as a photographer I get to look at so many amazing gowns and the brides who wear them beautifully and proud. Like my friend Illiana...

I'll end with this one... sisterly love :) Thank you Kristine for being such a trooper and a great assistant!
Happy Saturday!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wedding: Vanessa and David ♥ Edinburg, Texas

When I first met Vanessa I never would have imagined two of the following: One, that she and I would become really great and close friends, and, two, that I would photograph her wedding. I met her 11 months ago and since then we have really learned to laugh both with and at one another. She makes Monday through Friday bearable for me and helps bring laughter into my day when I desperately need it. I can say something and she's witty enough to understand the joke I am trying to make. When we hang out all you hear is laughter and later complaining about our cheeks being in pain from all the giggling. 

You'll remember Vanessa and David's engagement session from back in May. When I was photographing them two I witnessed first hand the love they share for one another in  the way they look at each other. Their glances are full of emotion. I know Vanessa and David will enjoy a lifetime of happiness and I look forward to growing and maturing and still being friends when when our hair turns silver and our bellies don't quite look well and we can no longer fit into our favorite pairs of jeans ;).

The day of the wedding was just like their engagement session, with a lot more spectators. Vanessa and David enjoyed a day of laughter, family, friends and lots of love. During their every move that day, their happiness was evident. Vanessa looked every part the bride in her beautiful wedding gown and David looked his very best as the handsome groom. The two of them together looked liked they were just meant for one another -and they are.
The last photo was one of my favorites. Congratulations David & Vanessa! I wish you many blessings and a beloved and happy marriage! Most importantly, thank you for allowing me to share your special day as your wedding photographer and friend.

Happy Thursday :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wedding Preview... Happy Wednesday :)

Howdy! It's Wednesday and I'm excited... I have a wedding this weekend and I am oh-so-excited for the groom and bride! So in light of the upcoming wedding of Roman and Illiana, I thought I'd give you a peek at tomorrow's wedding blog post. ;) Enjoy...
In other news, I crushed my foot today with the computer's hardrive at the office. It hurt. It still hurts. So me and my swollen foot will be taking a much needed break for the evening. See you tomorrow ;)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Life is Good, Smile :)

No matter how much I loved photography, I never really thought I would pursue it one hundred percent after college graduation. Law school seemed to be the thing I wanted most. And yes, sometimes it still is, but I must admit that my camera is so much more interesting to me. All things start out with a dream, an idea. Last year I thought I would use the summer before leaving for school and pursue photography. It was the first free summer I had in a long time and I wanted to enjoy it but still be productive. Summer went and has come by again and I am still here. But I am very happy working as a photographer, I love it! 

I love the people I get to meet and I love talking to those who love me talk about what I do. Most of all, I love all the people who believe in me as an artist and see my creativity in the things I dream about. When my brother Nolan flew me New Orleans last May for an engagement session with his fiancee, I never really thought about the road, or in this case - sky, I would take for a brand new journey. 

On the plane ride I pondered about how I would feel photographing my subjects in broad daylight and in public. I thought about the possibility of people staring or asking me to move away. I wondered if I was even qualified to photograph in public in downtown NOLA. It may have been the fear of flying that caused my brain to ponder every fear and detail, but when I stepped downtown the next day and began the session I remember not one of those single thoughts crossing my mind. 

It felt natural and made me smile. I've already thanked Isabel and Nolan a million times for allowing me the opportunity. The unknowingly or perhaps willingly pushed me in a direction I have never felt lost in, and for that I thank them a million times more. Nolan and Isabel, Thank you. You two are partly the reason I have gotten to where I am today with my photography business.

I've previously blogged their engagement session. You can view the photos here... Nolan & Isabel 
But today I found some photos I took at their wedding. I was not their photographer for their wedding day but I brought along my little camera to practice photographing a wedding. It's safe to say, technically, this was my first wedding...

Have a happy Tuesday!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Roman & Illiana.... Engaged! ♥

When I was in 5th grade I knew a little boy in my class. He was taller than me, had short hair and wore round glasses. He, like the rest of the boys in our class, liked to pick on the girls on occasion. Granted, other boys were more malicious than he was, he still picked on me at least once. I grew up and so did this little boy and we both went off to middle school and later high school. Our paths never really crossed much other than the occasional "I went to school with that kid when I was younger" conversation that pops up when various middle schools merge into one freshmen class in highschool

In middle school I met a young lady named Illiana with a charming personality and extremly black and curly hair. She was a little loud but oh-so-funny. It wasn't until high school that we became really great friends and to this day I enjoy meeting up with her. Illiana was the typical All-American high school student. She was a varisty cheerleader, in student council and full of peppy smiles. I am more than sure that it was her great qualities along with her radiant smile that caught the eye of a special young man. Roman, the little boy I went to elementary school with, fell in love with Illiana. 

The high school sweethearts dated all the way through college and have grown together as a couple. Illiana and I saw many of our friends get engaged and married and we'd look to each other and I am sure we thought the same thing.... When will that be me?

Roman and Illiana love each other. It's been a fairytale they've lived for the past 8 years. Yes, you read right... 8 years! Chris made me wait 6 years but I definitely think Roman takes the trophy on this one. Kidding aside, I certainly didn't mind waiting so long for Chris to pop the question and I have no doubt Illiana would not have had it any other way either. Roman and Illiana share a fond love for one another, they are definitely ready to marry one another.

Illiana, I am beyond excited for your upcoming wedding and all the great new things the Lord is blessing you and Roman with. I wish you the best in your marriage and a beautiful and healthy family. Roman, take care of my friend Illiana and take care of yourself always so that two of you can raise beautiful children together. God bless you both and I look forward to photographing your wedding this coming Friday!

Happy Monday :)