Thursday, May 27, 2010

Delia... Beautiful Mommy

Whoah! I just realized I blogged a few days ago a newborn session I did with baby Julian but I never blogged his mommy's maternity session. My brain totally skipped a beat, a big one ;) So as I sit here working away I figured this would be a perfect time to blog her session.

Delia made one of the most beautiful pregnant women I've met. She's sincere, fun and spunky. Most of all, she was excited to become a mommy. Photographing Delia and her baby bump was a lot of fun and it was nice to be her session in a simple way.She is such a beauty and that little belly on her was super adorable! Delia has since had a beautiful baby boy! Congratulations Delia and welcome Julian to the world :)
Ohhhh! And I have booked another wedding! Yay! This makes #8 since January ;) God is Good ;)
Have a great Thursday and a very cool Friday ;)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Little hands and tiny feet... make me smile ;)

A week ago I had the pleasure of photographing my second newborn session. Baby Julian was born about three weeks ago and I am glad I finally had the chance to meet the little fellow... he's definitely a cutie. Julian spent most of the session alternating from the following states: sleeping, crying, awake, and pretending to be sleeping. Ha, really... he's itty-bitty but he's already a smart baby.

As soon as he felt me creeping up on him with my camera he'd make a crying face and call for his beloved mommy. Nonetheless, I had so much fun seeing mommy and baby bond. I love babies... they are so cute, warm and fuzzy. And Julian was definitely a great baby model ;)

Congratulations Delia on your newest addition to your family. I wish you many blessings and pray for a healthy family. Baby Julian, you were the coolest baby  ;)
See for yourself...
Ahhh... He's living the life ;)
I hope you have a beautiful and fun Tuesday ;)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I am a D....

I am a D-E-L-T-A-Z-E-T-A...

It's been two years since I have graduated from university but I am still very much involved as a Delta Zeta. My collegiate experience as a DZ was extraordinary and quite eventful. I served on executive board for most of my time as a student and enjoyed every moment I devoted to my sorority. As a collegiate, I knew my area did not have an active alumnae chapter with more than two members so I hoped the alumanes before me could spice it up and join ;) My senior year I heard talk of graduating members wanting to rescuscitate the alumnae chapter and really make it work. Boy oh boy did we ever!

For the past few months my fellow sisters and myself have really sparked life back into the South Texas Alumnae Chapter of the Delta Zeta Sorority. I feel a little like the old collegiate days where I have an agenda jam-packed with events, many of the DZ related. The only difference, this time around, is the lack of needing to do coordinate events without interfering with study time. Ah, the plus of being an alumn... It's the best! Now we don't worry about making sure we can pay our dues. Instead, we pull out our checkbooks and ask "how much?" Okay, okay... so we're not that giving - yet. But we are willing to give and it has become much easier for us. We are also much more laid back and relaxed and are really putting what we learned about sisterhood into action.

I am a Delta Zeta for life ;) So with many plans we are trying to conjure up and execute, one of our last minute but greatly executed events we held was a Senior Meet and Greet. We booked a great antique house with a tea room and asked our girls to dress the part. It was F-U-N ;) Before you get to the pictures, I'd like to thank Rosie from Rosie's Just Between Friends Tea Room & Antiques for being so graciously accomodating. We can't wait to host our Fall meet and greet for the next graduating seniors there again. Now for the fun part...

Congratulations to the 2010 Spring Semester Seniors and to the ones who graciously attended our first ever Senior Meet and Greet with the alumnae... Thank you!

Have a happy Thursday!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mitzi... Senior 2010

I'm not quite sure if I've mentioned my beloved Delta Zeta Sorority... But in case you were unaware, I joined the sisterhood in early 2006 and wear pink and green ever since proudly ;) When I first rushed I was my typical self - quiet, shy and super quiet. The look of bewilderment on my parent's faces when I mentioned joining a sorority was priceless. I'm sure they internally wondered why in the world my little quiet self would do such a thing. And really, I'm not exactly sure what pointed me in that direction. I just decided to and it has certainly been a great decision.

I remember having Economics in a large auditorium with lots of students. I felt so small and rather alone. First week of classes I came to realize that Economics would be one of those classes where I attended, listened to learn and nothing else. I wasn't interested in making friends, it made me nervous. I also remember meeting a very friendly, beautiful and intelligent young lady. She quickly made sure to wave hello to me as we walked in to class and struck up conversation. This young lady, my friend, was my soon to be sorority sister Mitzi. I was delighted to have a friend in class and moreso because she was so genuine and spunky. Mitzi, I realized, was very much like me... she carried that little agenda of hers packed to the max. She was studious but fun. And most importantly, she liked to make a difference in everything she participated in. I found that cool mostly because it reminded me of the attitude I take to things and because I was glad other people actually used their agendas ;)

Two years later I graduated from college and still carry the bonds of sisterhood with me. Mitzi contacted me a few months ago and we soon scheduled her senior portrait session. I was delighted to photograph her because she's fun and I knew I could capture her collegiate essence at its best. Mitzi I am glad to call you my sister and would like you to know I absolutely loved when you were our Philanthropy chair... wink ;) Congratulations on your graduation and all of  your accomplishments. I do not know what the future stores for you but I do know God has many blessings heading your way. Congratulations! Mitzi is the epitome of what I would call a wholesome young lady. To me, she is the poster girl for our sorority... and here are some pictures to prove it ;)

Happy Tuesday ;)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Meet Laura... College Senior

I was a junior in college when I first met Laura. I distinctily remember Laura being a bright young woman highly interested in joining Delta Zeta. I also remember interviewing Laura and finding out the usual and unusal facts about her and her interest in joining the sorority. I remember to this very day her mentioning how excited she was about the possibility of becoming a Delta Zeta. I also remember how busy she said she lived her life - school, extra-curricular activities and work. She definitely was a multi-tasker. Three years later and two years after I graduated... Laura and I reunited for her senior portraits. I was definitely delighted when she asked me to be her photographer. She was excited. I was excited. Our excitement created a fun session full of laughs, memories, and beautiful portraits.

Laura has been a great friend, sister and now fellow alumna. I am very proud of her accomplishments and wish her many blessing and tons of success. Congratulations Laura! I am very proud of you.

Laura you are beautiful and I am proud to call you my Delta Zeta sister. Congratulations again and good luck as you conquer the world :)

Yay! Enjoy Friday!!!